Real estate as an investment

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Characteristics of Real Estate Investments

Real estate has long been seen as an interesting investment by institutional investors and very wealthy individuals. On this page you will find some characteristics of real estate that may be of interest to investors.

In the investment world, real estate is seen as an ''alternative investment asset''. Alternative investment assets is an ''asset class'' that includes all investable assets that do not fall under regular assets such as shares, bonds and cash. Besides real estate, alternative investment assets also include gold, art and wine.

Investment in Real Estate

Direct to indirect yield

Real estate has both a direct return, the income from letting the property, and an indirect return from the increase in value of the property.

Predictable cash flows
The cash flows in a real estate project originate from the lease of the property. Properties are generally let under long-term leases, which makes it easy to predict the cash flows over the years.

Eternal value
Real estate, or the land on which it is built, is tangible and will therefore always have a value.

Added value can be realised

Investing in real estate can go much further than simply purchasing and renting out a property.
The value of property can be positively influenced by various interventions. You can think of the refurbishment of a flat, the improvement of an energy label or an office building that is transformed into housing.

The above measures generally improve the quality, the market value and the rental value of the property.

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