Native, Web or Hybrid app?

The demand for making an app for mobile phones and tablet computers continues to grow. Have you been running around with the idea of having an app made? There are many different possibilities for this. Not everyone knows that there is a big technical difference between developing different types of apps (a native app, a web app or a hybrid app). This drastically affects the price of having an app made.

There are many forms of technology for developing mobile apps, but the three main groups are a native app, a web app and a hybrid app. Below is a brief description of these three variants, plus their advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Web app?

This is basically a mobile version of a website. This website is specially designed for the size of the screen of a mobile phone or tablet (responsive). HTML, CSS and Javascript are used.  

What is a Native app?

Roughly, a platform-dependent version of an application for a smartphone. These applications are distributed via a central store such as the Apple store or Android store. A native app can use various sensors and services on the phone.

What is a hybrid app?

The hybrid app combines the best of both worlds. The basis is built up like a native app, and a part of the content is filled by a website (and your CMS). This gives the freedom and flexibility of a web app and the power and convenience of placing it in a store.

The advantages are the combined possibilities of a native and a web app, flexibility and minimal expansions without a real release in the store. The disadvantages? Hybrid can be a reason to reject placing in the store. And maintaining two environments can cost more in the long run.

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